How to buy your dream home in Toronto

The Toronto real estate market is in a frenzy as a bidding war heats up for homes and apartments, and one Toronto house is set to go up for sale.Here are 10 of the hottest properties that are currently available for sale, including one that sold for $2.4 million.1.The Cottage By Cottage, Toronto (built 1913)

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How I’ve made money on a startup from nothing

This article was originally published by Forbes.Read moreAbout the author:Amber L. DeGennaro is a professional photographer and the founder of a personal branding and design firm.She graduated from San Diego State University and holds a B.S. in Psychology from UC San Diego.She is also a board member of the nonprofit Center for Creative Photography.Follow Amber

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How to avoid the hidden redlining in Texas real estate

Redlining is an anti-competitive practice in which companies use government-mandated policies and regulations to discriminate against businesses, particularly ones that they don’t like, to prevent them from getting the resources they need.But it’s not limited to real estate.In other words, if you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re at risk of being excluded from a great deal