AUSTRALIA to become first country to allow Airbnb for home buyers

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Australia will become the first country in the world to allow people to rent out their homes for Airbnb guests to stay in, the government said on Tuesday.

The Australian government said it would also introduce a new home inspection regime that would require landlords to collect and verify proof of a buyer’s identity and that property owners must comply with laws that restrict the amount of time a person can stay in a home.

Australia will be the first in the developed world to require landlords and buyers to verify identity, says Prime Minister Scott Morrison source USA TODAY title ‘Lucky’ homebuyers can now rent out homes to Airbnb guests without fear of being evicted article AUSTRIA, Sept 26 (Reuters) – People who buy a home for less than $1 million in Australia will now be able to rent it out to Airbnb users without fear that they will be evicted or forced to pay back the property owners if they are caught breaking a local law, Prime Minister Steven Marshall said on Monday.

“We are opening up a new frontier in our rental market,” Marshall told a news conference in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state.

“This is a game changer in our country’s rental market, a new opportunity for Australians to be able, at their own expense, to buy a house they love,” he said.

He said the policy would be in place by the end of this year and would help “a significant number of Australians” who had already bought homes but had not paid back the original buyer.

The new legislation would allow people who own properties to rent them out for less, while the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would oversee the process.

Under the proposed law, landlords would have to verify the buyer’s address and provide evidence of a “good faith” attempt to rent the property.

It would also require owners to collect information about their property before they could rent it.

The legislation would also allow the government to impose fines on landlords who fail to comply.

Australia has seen a surge in the use of Airbnb, a popular travel-booking platform that lets hosts offer short-term rentals to those who have booked a place.

The measure, which has been supported by property developers, is expected to help to cool property prices, but critics have warned it will also allow property owners to circumvent local rules and charge tourists more.

The government’s policy will be introduced to Parliament next month, the first step in a legal challenge that could lead to a higher-profile legal challenge.

The law was originally introduced to protect vulnerable Australians who may be forced to leave homes due to evictions or the threat of them being evicts themselves, as well as the rights of other residents in the area, such as the elderly and people with disabilities.

“Australia is facing a housing crisis,” Marshall said.

“The policy will help to reduce that crisis by ensuring that the most vulnerable Australian residents are able to buy homes they love.”

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