Malibu real-estate band hits No. 1 on Billboard charts with ‘I Need You’ (VIDEOS)

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Malibu Real Estate Band hits No!

1 on the Billboard charts this week with “I Need The Way You Love Me” by No. 2-placer Hot Chip.

The song also ranks among the Hot 100’s top five songs of the week and has sold over 20 million copies in its first week of availability.

Hot Chip is a pop/rock band formed by guitarist Tyler Durden and singer Max Martini, who released their debut album in 2007.

Hot Top hits #7 on the Hot Country Songs chart, while “I’m So Bored” has also charted at the top of the Hot Rock Songs chart.

“I Don’t Need A Woman” from the album “My Friend” is also charting at the Hot Pop Songs chart with its top 10 single charting on the chart’s first week.

“We Got You” from “I Can’t Go Back” is now the most charted song on the list with over 20,000 streams.

The track, which peaked at No. 11 on the pop/soul chart, has also sold more than 12 million copies.

“This Is Us” by Taylor Swift has also made the Hot List this week, as it climbs from No. 19 to No. 7 on the charts.

“Lights, Camera” by Katy Perry, which has also cracked the Hot 200, is also making the Hot Tracks chart this week.

The pop/dance sensation also debuted at No-1 on the Rock Songs and Rock & Roll Songs chart in its second week.

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