How to spot the real estate market’s ‘bullshit’ in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin real estate has been a hot topic this year and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, with some sellers and buyers showing signs of confidence, and others showing signs that they might be getting a bit nervous.

According to the Wisconsin Real Estate Board, the statewide real estate activity was up last month, but that was primarily due to a spike in sales of houses and condos.

The total number of homes sold this month was up by 9 percent, but the number of condos was down by 4 percent, the Wisconsin Board reported.

The jump in sales comes as the number one seller in Wisconsin, the average price for a house, jumped to $1.8 million, up from $1 million last year, the board said.

That jump comes on top of the 10-year median price of $1,800,000 for a home in Wisconsin for a single family residence, up by 8 percent from last year.

The average price of a condo was $1 per square foot, up 8 percent, according to the board.

A big chunk of that jump comes from the region of Wisconsin, as the average sales price of the region was up 4 percent from the previous year, according the Wisconsin Housing Department.

The region saw a 6 percent increase in sales for single family homes, the housing department said.

The most expensive town in the region, Oshkosh, saw the biggest increase in price, with an average price hike of 24 percent.

The region saw some of the biggest price gains for single-family homes, and the biggest drops in price for condos.

Oshkash saw the lowest increase in condo sales of any of the five towns surveyed.

The town of St. Louis had the biggest drop, with the average sale price of condos down 4.5 percent from 2016.

The Wisconsin Board of Realtors also reported a 6.3 percent jump in home sales in the metro area, with a total of 8,200 new homes sold in Wisconsin in the first six months of 2018.

Sales in the state were up 3.6 percent from 2017.

That same period saw a big drop in sales in St. Joseph, the largest city in the county.

The metro area saw a 3.9 percent increase, and sales were down 2.8 percent from this time last year in the same area.

The biggest drop in home prices came in the city of Milwaukee, with sales down 5.4 percent.

Sales of single- and two-family houses fell 1.5 and 2.4 percentage points, respectively.

In the same period, the number for condos fell by 7.6 and 9.3 percentage points.

The number of sales in Wisconsin fell 1 percent.

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