Which real estate markets are showing the best signs of recovery?

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Toronto is seeing a big surge in new home sales.

And while that may sound like good news for homeowners in Vancouver, it could also mean a bit of a shake-up in the market for homebuyers in the big Canadian city.

With the city’s median price up more than 60 per cent over the past year, and with more people living and working in the area, it may be hard to find buyers in the region who want to settle for less.

But Vancouverites who have been on the hunt for a place to settle might be just that: looking.

With a population of about 12.5 million, Vancouver is a relatively small city with a lot of potential.

But it’s also home to more than 3,000 detached homes and one-third of the city limits population density of more than 8,000.

Many of these properties are priced more than $1-million.

In the last year, prices in the city have surged.

In July, the average price for a detached home in the Greater Vancouver area was $2.4-million, according to real estate website Trulia.

That’s up from $2-million in June and $1.9-million a year earlier.

And that includes a 1,500-square-foot house on St. Clair Avenue that was sold in February for $2 million.

In May, another house was sold for $3.5-million on the same block for a price of $1,000,000 more than the previous month.

Prices are also up by about a third in June compared with the same month last year.

The real estate market in Vancouver has changed.

The region has been in a sustained housing bubble for about a decade, with prices rising steadily since 2007.

In that time, the median home price in the country has increased more than 200 per cent.

According to a new report from real estate agency Trulia, Vancouver saw the biggest spike in home sales since the recession.

The median price of a detached house in Vancouver jumped more than 150 per cent between October and December.

The average price of condos has risen nearly 60 per to 100 per cent since the end of the recession, while the median price for single-family homes has climbed about 60 per per cent in the same period.

Trulia estimates that more than 30,000 homes are under contract in the Vancouver area, while only 3,700 are in the hands of current homeowners.

Some of the biggest gains were in Vancouver’s downtown, where the median prices of homes in that part of the Greater Toronto Area jumped almost 200 per per 100 homes between the end, or middle, of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

But the report also showed that Vancouver saw a steady rise in prices in areas of the suburbs.

And the city also saw a decline in the number of single-story detached homes in the downtown core, which is one of the few areas where prices have continued to climb over the years.

According, Trulia’s figures show that there are about 12,000 single-storey homes in Vancouver that are under construction and are priced at about $1 million.

Those prices are down from about 17,000 during the recession and about 21,000 at the start of this year.

While the region is home to some of the most expensive real estate in Canada, it is also home a diverse mix of incomes, incomes that are still not well-served by detached homes.

While Vancouverites may be in the minority, the city is also among the most unaffordable markets in the world, with an average monthly cost of $4,946 for a single-detached home in 2015.

That compares to $4.7-million for Toronto and $4-billion for Vancouver.

The Canadian Real Estate Association says that the median salary in Canada is $57,500, which puts Vancouver among the top 10 most unaffordably priced markets in North America.

The national median salary for a person who lives in the capital is about $75,000 and is expected to rise to about $83,000 by 2021, according the Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards.

Toronto has the third highest median income in the province, at $78,300.

But according to Trulia the median cost of a home in Toronto is more than 10 times higher than the median wage in Vancouver.

Tracey Steeves, an agent at agent-based Realtor.ca, says there are a lot more people in the industry than in Vancouver right now.

She says the median income is also higher in Vancouver and the market is definitely more competitive.

In Toronto, where median salary is $58,700, the current median home sale price is $1million and the median house price is nearly four times higher, Steeges says.

But she says there’s a lot people willing to pay more for a home than there are people who are willing to buy

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