‘Django’ developer gets $100 million for building 1,600 units of housing in Paris

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French developer Bruno Delespaul has been awarded a $100.3 million deal from the US government to build 1,608 apartments in Paris.

The developer will build 1.1 million square feet of rental apartments at a cost of $50 million.

The company, which has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, says it will have a staff of 1,500 and employ 1,000 people.

The project will be a major development in a district where many residents have lived for decades, as well as a gateway to the French capital, which boasts some of the highest rates of development in the world.

The deal will be worth an estimated $50 billion over 20 years, with the government paying a 10% share.

Djão dos Santos, who founded the company with his partner in San Diego, said in a statement that the deal is a “big step for the city”.

“The Paris area has become a major economic and social center, but it remains largely undeveloped,” he said.

“The development will have significant social and economic benefits for the entire region, and for all of Paris.”

Djao said he would use his $100m investment to create 1,614 housing units and to expand existing developments.

He also plans to create an apprenticeship program and a new public library.

In recent years, many other developers in the US have received $1 billion or more in tax breaks, often in exchange for building units of affordable housing.

But many of the projects have been criticized for not meeting minimum standards for affordable housing and lack adequate environmental reviews.

The US State Department’s Housing and Urban Development report in December 2016 said that of the 1,613 units that had been approved in the last two years, 1,068 were affordable housing, and another 1,834 were mixed-income units, which was the most of any major US city.

The report said the vast majority of the units were built in the suburbs of New York, Los Angelas and Chicago.

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