When you’re looking for a new place, don’t worry about redlining: Moseley Real Estate

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Real estate broker Mosely Real Estate is looking to build its new headquarters in the Montréal area and it’s looking for investors to back its plan.

The company, which has more than 1,200 employees and more than $2.8 billion in assets under management, announced Wednesday that it has been in discussions with a number of potential potential buyers and is actively seeking prospective tenants to move into its new, 1,100-square-foot building in Montreal’s Hochelaga neighborhood.

“Our goal is to bring to Montreal the kind of vibrant, diverse, and creative urban living that the city has been lacking for years,” Moselly CEO and founder Chris Bock said in a statement.

“We want to be a leader in this space, and we want to create a place that everyone can live in, while also making the city a more welcoming place to live.”

The building Moselyn is building in the Hochella neighbourhood of Montreal is the second building it has announced is to be built in Montreal, joining the former Hocherberg Hotel.

The new building will have a ground floor that will include retail, a fitness centre, a library, offices, a food court, and a bar.

Moseyreal said the new building, which will have its first tenants in the fall, will feature a rooftop deck that can be used for meetings and events.

Mosesley is also considering adding restaurants and other spaces for its new office space, which it said it expects to open by the end of 2018.

Bock also said that Moselynn’s plans include “a vibrant, urban lifestyle that is built on shared values.”

“Montreal is home to some of the most diverse communities of any major city in Canada, but it also has the highest percentage of people living in poverty in the country,” he said.

“The city of Montreal has made strides in the past decade, but we know that we must continue to build on the momentum of this city.”

Mosellys building will be the second in the city, joining a building in downtown Montreal, which opened in 2016.

MOSHELLA, Quebec—(BUSINESS WIRE)–MoselyRealEstate announced Wednesday it has received a $50,000 grant from the Canadian Foundation for Strategic Research to help it locate and develop a new headquarters for the Montreal real estate broker, Moseleys real estate company.

The grant is part of a larger $100,000 package Mosello has received from the foundation since 2016 to support the development of its real estate business in Canada.

“MoseleyRealEvaluation and the Canadian Fonds Fund are pleased to support MoseylaRealEvalue’s ongoing efforts to build an office in Montreal that will help support MOSELEY real estate’s growth, diversification, and success,” said Robyn Egan, director of programs and communications at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

“MOSELEY and the CFIB have a long history of supporting and encouraging innovation and investment in Canadian businesses and industries, and this new investment in the Moseleys real estate portfolio is a testament to this important foundation.”

“We’re very excited about this investment and our ability to grow in Montreal,” said Mosellan CEO Chris Bick.

“This is a great opportunity for MoselliRealEestate to expand into new markets and build on its impressive portfolio of real estate assets.”

MOSELLY REAL ESTATE is looking for buyers to support its planned expansion.

The Quebec-based real estate brokerage has been seeking prospective renters to move to its new facility in Montréale.

It will have offices in the area, and the first tenants will be expected to arrive in the coming months.

MOSELY REAL ESTATION is also seeking to expand its realtors’ division to create more real estate agents and to expand Moselee’s footprint into more regions of Canada.

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The announcement comes after the MOSEELLY REALESTATION was targeted for a potential $100-million price tag, which would have seen the company’s new real estate unit in Montreal open by 2019.

In January, MOSELEYS announced it had agreed to sell the property to an undisclosed buyer for $250-million, but the deal was not completed until February.

MUSELLY said it was pleased with the decision, but had to take “some time to gather more information and process the offers received.”

MUSELEY REAL ESTATES is seeking a tenant for the new Montreal office.

The real estate firm said the offer was not related to the proposed sale, but that it will be looking for “a responsible, transparent

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