The Republican Party is a cult that worships the king


Sarasota Real Estate is the largest real estate company in the country.

And for many Republicans, the king is the only person who could save the party from its inevitable demise.

“When the country is in crisis, the party is in a crisis,” said Tom Price, Trump’s pick to be Health and Human Services secretary.

“The party is stuck in a cult.”

Trump himself has called SarasOTA Real Estate the party’s “loyal” loyalist.

When the party has trouble winning elections, it’s because of people who are loyal to the party, he told a crowd in Florida last year.

I’m not a loyal Democrat.

I’m a loyal Republican.

I love America.

But if the party were to go down, it would be a disaster for America,” Trump said.

The problem with that logic is that the party that built Trump’s presidential bid in 2016 has been in power for more than three decades, and has never been able to win back any state that it lost to the Democrats.

It’s true that Sarasoto Real Estate has become one of the nation’s biggest real estate firms in recent years, and that its business model is the same one Trump has described to voters.

The company, for instance, has a massive office complex in Sarasotas, Florida, that Trump has repeatedly touted as a boon to the state.

But the real estate giant has also become a major Republican donor.

The firm has donated more than $100 million to the Republican Party since its formation in 1990, according to Federal Election Commission records.

And the company has also made significant contributions to other Republican campaigns, including to the national party’s political action committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and to a handful of other groups that are not affiliated with the party.

Sarasots office complex is located just blocks from the White House.

Despite the company’s donations to the GOP, Price said Sarasotic real estate is still a cult.

The GOP is a “cult” because it’s based on the king, Price told a packed room of Sarasottoes employees. “

And if you have a cult, you can’t win.”

The GOP is a “cult” because it’s based on the king, Price told a packed room of Sarasottoes employees.

For most of the Republican era, the GOP has relied on the power of religion to motivate voters.

That era ended with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, and the Republican party was in disarray.

As Republicans have been unable to gain ground in the 2018 midterm elections, the Party’s central figures have been making a series of bizarre appeals to people who have little or no interest in the party as a whole.

They have even created a new website called The Cult of the King, which offers advice to those looking to get rid of their party and its leaders.

They’ve made an effort to show how the Party is the antithesis of democracy, even as their candidate and the party itself have been vilified for decades.

Trump, for example, has been described by some as a “racist” and “bigot” candidate, while House Speaker Paul Ryan has said the candidate is “a racist and a bigoted” man who is trying to destroy the party and the country as a result of his support for President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

Trump has also been accused of using his position as the party presidential nominee to advance the interests of his business empire.

Ryan, however, has refused to condemn Trump for his support of Obama’s policies, saying the candidate has been “doing the right thing” on immigration and other issues.

A few days after the election, Trump tweeted: “I want to thank the president-elect for his great victory.

We can now move forward and rebuild our party.”

But Ryan has been critical of Trump’s positions, saying in a statement: “He has shown himself to be a very divisive and unstable leader.”

Ryan has also taken issue with Trump’s recent remarks that a Muslim who is killed in a terrorist attack on the U.S. is “not a good Muslim.”

Trump said on the campaign trail that he was “very concerned” about the “lone wolf” attack in Nice, France, that left 84 people dead and nearly 130 wounded.

In a subsequent interview with MSNBC, Trump said that he did not want Muslims to be allowed into the country and that he is “very uncomfortable” with the idea of a Muslim being allowed into his country.

On Saturday, Trump and Ryan were seen together at a fundraiser for the GOP National Committee.

Trump was greeted with applause by attendees and was applauded by members of the audience.

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