How to start selling your property in Vegas: Get the scoop

Sales volume

Vancouver real estate investor and former real estate agent Michael Lasseter says he has started selling his home in Las Vegas.

Lassett is a member of the Las Vegas chapter of the real estate broker and advisory firm Real Estate Management.

He and his wife, Jennifer, bought the property, the home they live in, from former owner, Las Vegas businessman Bill Marr.

The couple sold their house to Marr, who in turn sold it to Lassetti in 2016.

According to Lascetti, Lassetts purchase price was $1.5 million, which was down from the $3 million he paid for the home in 2012.

However, the couple paid $2.9 million for the property.

The Lassettes are expecting their first child, who they plan to have in October.

“We are very excited to sell and see what we can do with the property,” Lassetters said.

“I think it’s great to see so many people willing to invest their money and their time and their talents to help other families with their home-related needs.”

Lassets purchase price of the home is $3.9m, down from $3,933,890 in 2012, but he says it’s still a good price for a home with all the amenities.

Lascett said that it would be nice to see a buyer of his home come forward with more information about the home before they would buy it.

“It’s a little bit frustrating,” he said.

Lasseser said that the couple was able to get a mortgage on the property and that they were willing to sell.

The property is on the market for $3-4 million.

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