How to buy your dream home in Toronto


The Toronto real estate market is in a frenzy as a bidding war heats up for homes and apartments, and one Toronto house is set to go up for sale.

Here are 10 of the hottest properties that are currently available for sale, including one that sold for $2.4 million.1.

The Cottage By Cottage, Toronto (built 1913) This four-bedroom home is located in the Kensington market, just south of St. George’s Park.

The cottage is one of three in the area that features a fire escape.

It features a large, two-car garage, two bedrooms and a one-bedroom.

It has a roof deck, a two-story garage and a living room.

The home is currently listed for $5.75 million.2.

Dutton Place, Toronto The home of a famous theatre company, this three-bedroom, four-bath home has been listed for just over $1.4 billion.

It was designed by architect David Dutton, and was built by the Dutton Group.

It’s in the Westmount neighbourhood, just east of Queen St. West.

It is located between the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Public Library.

It sits on a hill and features a stone arch and limestone columns.

It also has a terrace and patio.

It comes with a walk-in fireplace and is in great condition.

The property has been in the family for generations.3.

St. Andrew’s Church, Toronto This six-bedroom detached home has two bedrooms, four bathrooms and was designed in 1892 by architect Frank Gehry.

It had its first floor renovated in 2001 and had two bedrooms renovated in 2015.

It can be found on the third floor of a two bedroom home, and is currently valued at $2,275,000.4.

Queen Street West, Toronto Designed by architect Harry Hill, this four-storey home features a swimming pool and a gym.

It dates back to 1893 and was completed in 1921.

The house was sold for a reported $1,000,000 in 2014.5.

St Clair Avenue, Toronto Built in 1912, this six-storeys detached home is situated on St Clair, just west of Yonge St. It houses three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large patio.

The building is located on the corner of St Clair and King Sts., just east on Yonge Street West.

The price tag on the home is $1 million.6.

Queen Village, Toronto Located just south and east of downtown Toronto, this seven-bedroom house features a terraced garden and has been home to residents of the Queen Village Development Corporation since 2008.

The owners of the property are currently trying to sell it.

It currently sits on the market for $3.5 million.7.

Stinson Hill, Toronto One of the biggest Toronto realtor hotspots, this one-story house is located just north of YMCA and the Queen West subway station.

It includes a ground-floor backyard, and a two story basement with a swimming bath and a three-car garage.

The $3,500,000 price tag is a little over $2 million.8.

Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto A two-storeyn detached home built in the early 1900s features a pool and spa, and it has been sold for about $1 and a half million.9.

Eglinton Avenue, New York City Built in 1917, this eight-bedroom three-storeym home has a deck and patio overlooking the Hudson River.

It now sits on an open lot.

It offers a walkway, a walkable laneway, and four bedrooms.

It originally belonged to an Italian immigrant family who had owned the property for generations, and they purchased it in 2009 for $1 billion.10.

Richmond Hill, Ontario A two storeyn detached house built in 1883 features a gym, pool and walkway.

It measures 9,000 square feet and is located at the intersection of Eglendon Road and Richmond Hill Rd.

It recently sold for over $3 million.

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