Tucker Real Estate Gets $1.5M for $3M from US Bankruptcy Settlement

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Tucker Realestate is a US bankruptcy court filing site that allows you to search for information on financial issues in real estate transactions, and offers a tool for investors to find a financial advisor.

Today, the company has signed a settlement agreement with the US Department of Justice that allows it to receive a $1 million loan for a new building.

The settlement will allow the company to build a new office building in the southern California city of San Jose and expand its portfolio of offices across the US.

The company has also agreed to pay $150,000 in fees and expenses to settle its lawsuit with the federal government, the Associated Press reported.

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed, and the AP said the terms of Tucker’s loan will be determined by the Department of Education.

Tucker filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and filed for Chapter 11 protection on March 23.

Tucker had already secured a $5.6 million loan from the state of California.

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