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Boston real estate auction house Allied Real Estate has announced that it has sold a significant number of its properties to private buyers, with one such buyer being the recently retired couple of a retired New York City police officer.

The couple, who are both retired police officers, purchased the two-story building in the Old Colony neighborhood in East Boston in August for $1.5 million, according to the Associated Press.

The building has been in use since the late 19th century and was built by the Boston Fire Department as an apartment building, according the AP.

The Associated Press first reported the sale.

Alden Properties, the real estate firm that bought the property for $2.5 to $2 million, also announced that the couple’s purchase was made in connection with their retirement.

“They wanted to make sure they had something for themselves and the kids and that they could move forward with what they’ve always wanted to do with the building,” Alden Properties spokesperson Laura DellaVigna told the AP in a statement.

The AP reported that the retired police officer who sold the building was not identified by name, but told the paper that he “had never thought of it that way.”

The building was sold for $850,000.

The property, located at 3121 Massachusetts Ave., was purchased from the City of Boston for $750,000 in May.

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