How to sue for real estate loss in the wake of the Oregon earthquakes

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A real estate lawyer who lost his home in the magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Yakima, Washington, says he has filed a lawsuit for personal injury.

According to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Yakama County Superior Court, John Kline lost his property to a “very destructive” earthquake that occurred on January 4.

The lawsuit says he believes his home was destroyed by the shaking and debris from the quake.

Kline’s lawsuit was filed Thursday against the U.S. Geological Survey, which said it was unable to provide information about the fault line.

The lawsuit said the earthquake occurred during a period when the seismic activity was not yet significant enough to cause a building to collapse, and Kline’s home was not the only one that had been destroyed.

“It was a very dangerous and destructive earthquake,” the lawsuit states.

“It caused property damage to several homes, and it caused significant damage to other properties.

We feel it was the result of a serious fault.”

Kline has been living in the home for six years and works for a real estate company.

He said he is working to secure insurance and get the house repaired.KLINE says he did not live in the house for the first few months of the quake, but he did spend some time living there in December 2015, which was the month before the quake that he said caused the destruction.

“I moved in here in January, so I was not in the building the whole time,” Kline said.

“I lived in a temporary apartment in the back.

I moved out a couple of months after that.

We had a very small apartment there.”

Klin said the home is not the same as the one he had before the earthquake, and he hopes to get a new home.

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