Which property is worth the most in a township?

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This is an interactive map that allows you to compare different properties in a particular township.

It shows the average selling price per square foot of property in each township and also shows how much it will cost to buy and renovate that property.

The property values shown are the real estate market average in each state and territory, based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

You can use the tool to find the properties that you can afford to pay more for and those that are available for rent.

The data was collected between May and October 2018.

In order to compare the property prices across states and territories, we compared the median selling price for a house and the average price per unit in each town.

Read more about how the data was gathered.

The map shows the property market in each of the 20 states and territory and shows the median and median selling prices for houses, apartments, townhouses and condominiums.

Property prices in each region are listed by township.

Property values are calculated using the ABS median selling value and the value of the property per square metre.

The interactive map shows you how the average prices of each township compare across states, territories and the ACT.

You can zoom in and out to see how each township compares with the other.

You can also click on a property to see more information about it, including a detailed price comparison.

This interactive map also shows the area and area per capita of land in each county in each part of Australia.

The area is defined as the area bounded by the Northern Territory border, the Australian Capital Territory boundary, the state’s outermost state line and the northern boundary of the Commonwealth.

The per capita area is the number of square kilometres per capita.

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