When will we know if you were paid for this real estate commission?


tucston real estate commissions are common in the city of Tucson, Arizona, but it seems some of them are not.

Tucson Real Estate Commission website has the following warning, which states, “You can expect to receive an invoice after the transaction has been completed.”

The commission may also be paid on the first day of the month after the sale, which would be a date that is not in the calendar. 

For example, a May 3, 2019, sale might not be considered a sale until the July 1, 2020, date.

When will we get the invoice? 

Tucsin Real Estate commission is usually paid on or after the day of payment.

A date and a date range may be printed on the invoice for a date of the same day, such as a June 1, 2019.

The date range also shows when you will receive the commission, and if it’s the same as the date you originally received the commission.

If it’s not the same date you received the first commission, then it’s a non-trivial error, since the date range indicates the date of payment for the commission was not the date the first sale was completed.

The commission could have been paid by mail, fax, or by personal check, depending on when you received it.

In addition to the date and date range, there are instructions to the seller that explain how to send the commission to the person who received the sale.

Here are the guidelines for when a commission is paid:You may not pay a commission after the date a sale was finalized, unless the person with the commission received a check within two business days after the completion of the sale to the address specified on the commission invoice.

The commission will be due within six months of the date when the date payment is due.

If the commission is not paid within that time, the person responsible for the payment must notify the city and county in writing within one month after receipt of the commission that the sale has been finalized.

In order to avoid any unnecessary confusion, we will be writing a blog post on the topic of commission payments.

real estate commission tucson real estate

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