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Real estate agent Peter Lewis has been doing the bidding for decades and he’s never had a sale of the kind he’s had this year.

In 2015, Lewis sold a home for £1.5 million in London for £3.8 million.

And he’s sold thousands of properties in the past year.

But Lewis’ story has taken a dramatic turn this year with his auction house, The House at Paris, auctioning off a house that he’d just sold for just £900,000.

In the last three years, Lewis has sold two houses for more than £1 million, with a third property still in the pipeline.

And this year, Lewis is taking the plunge on a home in Paris.

He’s sold it for £2.5million, just a quarter of the asking price.

Lewis said he’s been a bit nervous about the property, as his previous auctions had been very successful.

But, he added, he was keen to do it for a reason.

“I’m a little nervous, but I’m confident in what I’m doing,” Lewis said.

“We’ve had a good few years and I think this year I’m going to do a good job.

It’s a great opportunity.”

Lewis, who has been selling houses for over 40 years, has sold many homes across the UK, including one in Surrey, and is currently auctioning a home at the Olympic Park in London.

In fact, he’s done it all before.

In 2011, he bought the property at Parc de Versailles, France, which is now in the hands of a family member.

The property was sold for £7.9 million in 2015, a price that was the highest ever paid for a house at the time.

In 2012, he sold a house in Bournemouth, England, for £900k, which was also the highest price paid for the property.

This year, he hopes to do something similar, as he’s also sold the property in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood for £8.4 million.

He said he was a bit surprised to see how quickly things had taken off this year and that he’s already sold a couple of properties for £600k, as well as two houses in the same block for a total of £1,200,000, making him one of the highest paid real estate agents in the country.

Lewis, the founder of the real estate agency, Parc Real Estate, is a London-based agent who has sold more than 500 homes, with the most recent sale at Notting Hill in 2016.

The London property he sold was his first ever sale.

He’s been known to sell properties at high prices for years, but he said that was due to a combination of factors, such as rising house prices in London, the economic downturn in the UK and rising demand for property in the European Union.

In his time as an agent, Lewis said he has learned that people can be willing to pay a premium for a home, but that buyers need to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices in order to get the right house for the right price.

“When you buy a property, you’re not just looking for a one-off property,” Lewis told Business Insider.

“You’re looking at the whole property, so you’re thinking about a lot more than just the price.

You’re thinking, ‘This property, this is what I want to get for the money that I’ve spent.'”

While the average price of a property in Britain has risen over the past five years, prices in the US have remained stable, according to, which tracks the average house price in the United States.

Lewis’ house at Paros, which sits in the Rue du Parc du Pompadour, was a “complete surprise” to him, as it had been his dream home for a long time.

“The house at Pomp was really the perfect place to sell,” Lewis explained.

“It’s not too far from the city, and it has a great location, so it was perfect for a buyer.”

After selling the house for £950,000 last year, The house at Paris is currently in the process of being redeveloped into a residential area, with plans for a second home.

It is estimated that the property will have an assessed value of between £1 billion and £1 trillion.

It’s a perfect place for a potential buyer, Lewis added, as the area surrounding it is home to an airport, a shopping center and restaurants.

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