How to become a ‘pangea man’ in Sydney’s inner-city suburbs

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If you have a passion for the outdoors, you’ll probably love living in Sydney.

But if you don’t, it might be hard to find a home here.

The outer-west suburb of Penrith is one of the most expensive places in Australia to buy property.

The median price of a house in Penruth is $1.3 million, according to property market data provider RP Data.

It is also the most heavily priced suburb.

Penruther’s median house price was $1,890,857 in 2016, according the RP Data report.

The median home price in the inner-west of Sydney is $931,000.

The most expensive area is the outer-north, where the median house cost is $2,847,000 in 2016.

Penruther was also the city with the highest average rent last year, at $2.9 million, RP Data reported.

What are the key things to know about Penriths prices?

Penryman Street is a popular shopping street in Penryn.

It’s not just for locals and tourists but also the well-off in the area.

The average house price in Penryman is $521,000, RPData found.

When it comes to housing, Penrils affordability is a mixed bag.

Most people here will have to save for a down payment, RP said.

However, it also means you may be stuck paying off debts.

If you’re not sure, you can try a short-term loan from a local bank or mortgage broker.

If you’re looking for a place to live, RP found Penrhes median house rent is $824 a week.

The city has some of the cheapest rent in the country.

The cheapest rent is around $1 a week in the outer North West.

In Sydney’s outer-south, the median price is $3.1 million.

This means you could find a place for around $700 a week on a one-bedroom apartment, RP estimated.

In Penrills inner-north suburbs, the city has more affordable homes than the outer suburbs.

The suburb of Oakleigh, in the city’s outer south, has median prices of $2 million and $1 million, respectively.

There are many more expensive houses in Penrus area.

In the Outer North, the suburb of Maroochydore, has the second-highest median price in Australia at $4.2 million, which is about half of the city of Sydney’s median of $5.4 million.

On the outer west side of Penrnith, the suburbs of Penryn, Penrose and Penrusey have median prices that are $2 and $2 a week, respectively, according RP.

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