When Trump is asked if he is running for office again, he says, “No”

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President Donald Trump’s response to the recent death of former president John F. Kennedy, which resulted in the impeachment of his wife, Michelle, has been a familiar one.

“No,” the president said in a statement Friday, when asked if Trump was running for another term.

“I am focused on being president for the good of the country, the security of the United States, and the great American people.”

The president was referring to the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, which was blamed on an assassin on a train traveling from New York to Dallas.

The White House, in an effort to tamp down speculation about Trump’s possible political future, offered no further details about the circumstances that led to Kennedy’s death.

A source with direct knowledge of the president’s thinking told the New York Times that the president “does not see himself running again for the office of president.”

That same source also said Trump’s wife, Melania, is focused on the president and not him, and that Trump has not spoken with his children about running for reelection in 2020.

Trump has said that he is not interested in running for re-election, but his critics, including his own son, Donald Jr., have speculated that he could become a contender in 2020, with the goal of making himself president again.

He did not respond to a request for comment from the Times.

“President Trump will continue to be the president that we all love, regardless of whether we are with him or against him,” Trump said in February.

The president has repeatedly said that there are a lot of issues that he wants to tackle, but that he doesn’t want to run again in 2020 to try to clear the path for his younger son, Eric, to take on the White House.

In February, a White House source told the Associated Press that Trump was considering running again in 2022, but the source declined to be identified to avoid a potential backlash from the president.

“He has a lot to do, and he’s doing it with a lot more passion,” the source said.

“We’re still talking about it, but it’s something that he’s considering, but he’s just not sure that he feels the right thing to do.”

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