Catskill real estate office gets an extension to close, but not immediately

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Flagstaff, Arizona — A real estate company that owns the Catskill Mountains property that is under scrutiny for an increase in homicides has received an extension of a planned closure to June 30.

The extension was announced Thursday by the Catskills Real Estate Association, which oversees the property, which is about 45 miles east of Phoenix.

A spokesperson for the company said the extension would not take effect until April 1.

The Catskill Hills property is about 5,000 acres and has about 2,000 residences.

Earlier this year, the property was subject to a multi-year review by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after several shootings, including the fatal shooting of a man who was trying to run over a man he thought was a trespasser.

The property has not seen any homicides.

The Catskill Lands property has been under a temporary restraining order issued by the federal Bureau of Land Management in May after the state said it could not protect the land from logging.

The order required the state to immediately take steps to protect the property from encroachment, including removing a large swath of forest.

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