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The housing market is in a state of upheaval, but the biggest question is not whether the country will go through a crash, but whether the housing market will recover.

And it’s not clear if the housing boom is coming to an end anytime soon. 

“There’s no consensus that the housing bubble will burst,” said Scott Eichelberger, head of real estate research at BMO Capital Markets.

“The question is whether it’s going to come to an immediate and substantial end, and I think it’s more likely that we will be in a period of relative stability than it is a full-blown crash.” 

There are signs that the bubble is about to burst. 

The price of a home is surging.

The number of home sales in the United States has increased by more than 50% in the past six months.

The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in nearly seven years, and the number of people with a job has grown by nearly 12 million in the last year.

The country is also facing its largest housing bust since the financial crisis. 

That’s because there are too many Americans working and not enough jobs, said Peter Hirsch, an economist at Barclays Plc. 

With so many people competing for scarce jobs, the housing industry is in crisis, Hirsch said. 

But the real estate market has been a boon to the American middle class.

In 2010, when the housing bust first hit, there were 4.3 million homeowners.

In 2016, there are 5.4 million, according to a report by RealtyTrac, a real estate website. 

According to the Census Bureau, the median income in the country has risen from $42,700 in 2007 to $56,800 in 2017.

That compares to a 2.6% increase for the overall economy in that same time period. 

Some of the biggest winners from the housing sector have been wealthy Americans.

In the first nine months of 2018, real estate investment trusts made up more than half of all deals in the nation, according the realtor site Trulia.

The real estate sector, which is the largest source of income for the wealthy, has been in a robust recovery, thanks to a strong dollar and strong demand from investors. 

Even though the housing downturn has ended, there’s still a lot of pent-up demand.

Real estate brokers and developers are eager to sell houses, especially in cities with booming populations, like New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 

In addition, there is a big demand for apartments in places like San Francisco and Chicago, where rents have been soaring and housing costs are at historic lows. 

Hirsch said the realtors are still in the early stages of seeing the market.

They still need to assess the market, and there is no clear consensus among brokers on the right price for an apartment, he said.

“In general, brokers tend to want to sell at a price that is between their current market rents and what they might have paid in a year or two ago,” he said, “so they’re willing to take a very conservative approach in that regard.” 

Some brokers are worried that the market may be too low, or that it may not be as competitive as it was before the housing crash. 

There have been no shortage of big-name buyers in the market in the years since the housing crisis.

But even though some brokers and investors say that the current market is not as healthy as it could be, the market still has enough supply to make it a worthwhile investment. 

For some homeowners, it is the perfect time to move to the city. 

Real estate brokers have been warning for years about the housing affordability crisis.

The national foreclosure rate is at an all-time high.

There is a shortage of affordable housing in many cities.

In addition, the number and type of apartments being sold is changing, making it harder to sell to the right buyers, especially with more people moving to cities where housing prices are cheaper. 

Many people have bought a house in the U.S. to save for retirement, but that plan is starting to unravel.

The Federal Reserve’s Federal Housing Finance Agency says the cost of a house is now approaching the median price in the mid-2000s, and foreclosures are up across the country. 

Those factors could cause some people to consider buying their first home, said Kevin Sabet, an investment advisor with Sabet Investment Advisors in New York. 

One of the reasons is that more people are moving to places like Los Angeles, where housing costs have gone up the most.

The median home price in Los Angeles is now $1.5 million, up from $1 million in 2013, according a report from realtor website Zillow. 

Sabet said that while the housing is getting cheaper, there isn’t enough supply of apartments for everyone, and that the realty industry is taking a hit from the market downturn

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