How did a real estate agency in Kentucky make a $1.4 million investment?


A real estate company in Kentucky has become one of the hottest real estate investment properties in the world. 

The Atlas Real Estate Group announced Monday it has bought a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, two bathroom condo in the heart of Louisville for $1,837,000. 

According to a press release, Atlas’ mission is to provide a comfortable, high quality home that provides value to its tenants and is a place to call home. 

In fact, Atlas real estate has already sold out of their first batch of condos and they’re working on another batch, the company says. 

For a $750,000 deposit, the Atlas property will rent for $2,200 per month, which includes a two-bedroom and a two bathroom unit. 

“This property is the perfect home for our families,” Atlas realtor Kristi O’Connell told ABC News.

“The quality of the living space is second to none, the amenities are exceptional, and the property is very close to shopping, dining, and other local attractions.”

Atlas said it expects to complete the purchase by the end of the year. 

While the price tag isn’t quite as high as some other Kentucky properties, the properties are certainly pricey for an area that is known for being a hotbed of real estate activity. 

Kentucky is known as a real-estate hotbed and has become the second-most-affordable state for renters, according to the Census Bureau. 

This property in Louisville is currently available for rent at $2.1 million per month. 

Read more about Atlas Real estate group and its newest condo: Ahead of the real estate market taking off, Atlas is already working on more properties. 

They recently bought a one-bedroom apartment in the city of Louisville, which is now available for $732,000 per month rent. 

And Atlas has also bought a two bedroom in a historic building in Lexington, Kentucky, for $842,000 a month.

Atlas says they’re currently working on a three bedroom apartment in Louisville’s historic Old South Church for $930,000, and they’ve already sold one of their apartments in the area for $950,000 over a period of months.

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