Bermuda is planning to open two more hotels in 2018, with plans to build a hotel in Port-au-Prince in the capital

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Bermudas plans to open three more hotels, one of which will be a luxury resort, in 2018.

The plans have been approved by the government, the BBC’s Stephen Evans reports from Boca Raton.

We have already received two permits for the two hotels, which will each have a hotel of a maximum of 15 rooms.

There will also be a hotel for guests of the World Heritage Site of the Bembek Islands, the site of the island of Bemidji.

The resort will be owned by the Bambuas, the first British Virgin Islands hotel to be listed on the Dubai listing system.

We’ve been able to secure two more hotel permits for Bambus plans, as well as the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) listing of the site, our correspondent says.

More to come.

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