What to know about the real estate boom in Seattle and Phoenix

Sales volume

The real estate sector in Seattle has boomed.

The real estate bubble is not just a matter of a handful of speculators.

It is the result of a long-term strategy, one that has allowed real estate prices to surge, and that has now begun to show signs of bursting.

Real estate investment is now the second-largest source of the Seattle and Arizona economies, after manufacturing, and more than twice as large as in San Francisco.

In both markets, housing prices are soaring in an environment that has long been described as a housing bubble, but in Seattle they are even higher than they were when they burst.

There are many reasons why real estate is booming in Seattle.

Real estate is cheap, and cheap is often good for businesses.

The number of homes for sale in Seattle jumped 50 percent last year, and the city’s average price of $1.3 million is about $500,000 below where it was in 2016.

Seattle is now on pace to be the largest housing market in the United States in 2019.

In addition, the booming real estate market has allowed people to spend money that they could not have spent otherwise.

Seattle now has the nation’s highest median household income, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The median income in Seattle is $58,000, and Seattle is the most unaffordable major metro area in the country.

The Seattle housing boom is now being supported by a large number of investors who are spending their money elsewhere.

They are buying homes on the cheap, but they are also making new ones.

They can buy homes for $300,000 and then sell them for a higher price if demand falls or if prices rise sharply.

In Arizona, real estate investment has also grown.

The Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) estimates that real estate sales in the state are up more than 40 percent in 2017 from the same year last year.

There are now more than 1.5 million homes for rent in Arizona, and they are up by more than 80 percent from the year before.

That’s an increase of more than 400,000 units.

“When you have such high demand, people are willing to pay more than their fair market value for the housing,” said Alex Hirschfeld, the vice president of real estate at AAR.

The average price for a home in Phoenix is now $1,039,800, and it’s up nearly 40 percent from 2016.

Phoenix is the largest city in the Southwest.

There is also a lot of new activity in Phoenix, and people are getting in on the ground floor of this boom.

It’s creating jobs.

We’re seeing people moving to the city because of the affordability of living there.

People are investing in real estate because it’s a good deal.

The price is a great deal.

It doesn’t cost too much.

People are putting down more than they are taking out.

It’s not only in Phoenix that there are huge gains in the Seattle real estate economy.

In Phoenix, the city also has the second highest rate of home sales of any major metro in the U, after San Francisco, and is the only metro with a home sales increase of 50 percent from last year to this year.

The surge in demand has created a new housing boom in downtown Seattle, where there are now 4,500 housing units for sale on average every day.

The number of properties available in the downtown area has increased by nearly 100 percent since last year’s peak.

The numbers are not just the increase in demand that’s driving prices.

There’s also a huge amount of supply in the area, as well.

The city has over 2.5 times the number of units available in all of Seattle than it did in all the years from 2000 to 2016.

There’s no doubt that demand is increasing and prices are rising, but the real story is not so much about the supply or demand.

It seems like demand is driving prices up.

And there’s an even bigger story: The growth of the housing bubble.

Realtors say that when prices go up, there is no way for buyers to buy and sell because of supply and demand.

That is what happened in the real-estate market in Phoenix in 2017 and it happened in Seattle as well this year, as the boom in the housing market has created new demand and created supply problems.

In both markets there are people who are investing for their own benefit, not just to make money, but because they’re excited about the future.

It doesn’t seem to be hurting anybody, because it seems to be creating an environment where people are actually buying and selling,” said John Cascio, president of Real Estate Institute of Southern California.

The housing boom has created more demand for office space, as developers have had to pay a price to lease space.

That has also led to an increase in prices in offices and condominiums.

In the Phoenix office market, the median price

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