How Arizona got its real estate crash

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Arizona’s real estate market has been one of the biggest sellers on the global markets since the global economic downturn hit in 2007.

But it has also been one the biggest winners for a local developer who has built some of the country’s most expensive houses in a town just outside Phoenix.

Now, some of those homes are gone, and some of them are in foreclosure.

But the real estate developer, Bancroft Properties, has managed to keep the ones that are still standing.

The company bought about 3,000 of the properties, according to documents obtained by The Arizona Republic.

In one case, the buyer, the National Association of Realtors, said it was considering putting the home on the market for a price of $1.1 million.

The seller, Banten Properties, put the house on the auction block last week.

It was the first time in its history that a buyer had put a house on a block of land, according and documents obtained from Bantens real estate agent.

Banten is one of a few developers in Arizona who have built large homes on private land and in the process, turned the land into a real estate bubble.

It is one developer who had been in the market of some of Arizona’s most valuable real estate for a while, but was unable to sell it before the crash.

That’s because Bantenson had built a huge, six-story house on private property just outside of Phoenix, and that development has attracted more interest than others.

It is the latest example of a boomlet that has helped drive Arizona’s boom in real estate values.

A state law requires real estate developers to develop and maintain large, high-end homes on public lands.

The law also mandates that developers be transparent about the locations of their homes.

But some real estate agents said they were surprised when they saw the names of developers on the Bantening list.

It’s unclear whether the developer who bought the house was aware of Banteng’s listing.

The real estate website, Arizona Real Estate, did not immediately return phone calls.

Brent Brown, a realtor and the chairman of the Real Estate Board of Arizona, said he was unaware of the listing.

He said he had never seen a listing like it and thought it was unusual.

The property’s location was the most surprising, Brown said.

The home was listed for sale, he said, and it’s the only listing I’ve seen that has a location on private or private property.

He said he’s never seen any real estate listing that has been so big or that had so much potential.

He also said it would be unusual for a company to sell an entire property for less than its asking price.

The Arizona Department of Land and Natural Resources did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The Bantened property is located on a parcel of land that was once owned by a private school, according the property records.

It’s the first real estate development on the property, and the first of many that Bantent will build.

The property is now used for recreational uses and for the Banting family’s ranch, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

It also is part of the National Capital Region, which includes Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson.

The owner of the property told The Republic that he is not aware of any problems with the property or the development.

He did not provide details.

The real estate agency did not return phone messages seeking comment.

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