How to use the Google Home to play your favorite music without having to leave your house


Posted March 01, 2019 07:15:30How to use Google Home without leaving your house – Pocono Real Estate, Pico, Colorado.

The Google Home can play music from your Google Drive or Google Docs account without leaving the house. 

The device can be controlled from anywhere, and it can even listen to podcasts and podcasts with podcasts from your favorite podcasts app.

The device can even be used as a hub for other devices, so you can have your entire home wired up and ready to go with just one device.

Here are some tips to get you started: Set up your home as a virtual home office.

This will allow you to get Google Home’s full functionality and add any additional features you might want to add to it. 

Use Google Calendar to create your own personal schedule, like when you’re home. 

Create an in-home Wi-Fi hotspot or access Wi-fi on the property to connect to your Google Home and your other devices. 

Get the Google Assistant to do all the work. 

Install a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo to give you access to the Google Voice, Google Assistant, and Google Assistant Talk feature. 

Setup a speaker-controlled TV, set up your Google Chromecast, and get ready to start listening to music. 

Have a Google Calendar reminder for your Google Assistant when you go to bed. 

Set a Google Home timer to remind you to wake up at 5am or 10am. 

Make your Google Voice calls with the Google Cast app. 

If you need to connect your Google Cast to your Wi-FI hotspot, then you can also use a Bluetooth Low Energy adapter. 

Google Home’s voice control features are available in more than 50 languages.

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