Why Donald Trump’s real estate empire will survive Trump’s presidency

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The Trump family’s real-estate empire is going to survive President Donald Trump.

In a week in which the economy has been roiled by the election of a new president and his controversial policies, the family business continues to expand its portfolio and take a bigger role in the political arena.

The Trump Organization has invested in projects in Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Texas, and has a presence in several battleground states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to data from Morningstar, a financial-services firm.

The family has also continued to expand in China, where it has investments in an array of projects including a hotel project in Beijing, as well as in the southern state of Guangdong.

The company is also expanding into India, where the president signed a bill allowing it to acquire more than $10 billion in investments, according a news release from the White House.

In addition to Trump’s business ventures, the Trump Organization is the official charity of the Trumps’ charitable foundation.

The organization has been in the news since the 2016 election when it was forced to step aside from the annual “Billionaire’s Ball,” the annual dinner given to wealthy donors and their families.

It had been the largest dinner in the world, with an estimated $40 million given away.

At the time, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump said she was not attending the ball.

But she has continued to speak at the event, which she called “the biggest dinner in history.”

And this year, the Trump Foundation announced it would donate $1 billion to support community colleges and community-college scholarships.

The group also plans to spend $1.5 billion to rebuild communities damaged by the Great Recession.

On Tuesday, the foundation also announced that it would create a new office to address the opioid epidemic.

The Trumps also are seeking to buy more real estate assets in China.

The Trump Organization said it would buy at least nine properties from a Chinese real estate company for $50 million.

The president has been a vocal critic of Chinese regulations on the sale of residential properties and criticized Beijing’s efforts to curb the flow of money into the Chinese economy.

In March, he signed an executive order aimed at curbing corruption in the country, but the White.

House has said the administration has no plans to loosen U.S. restrictions on the purchase of real estate in China or loosen any foreign investment restrictions in the Chinese financial markets.

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