How to avoid the hidden redlining in Texas real estate

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Redlining is an anti-competitive practice in which companies use government-mandated policies and regulations to discriminate against businesses, particularly ones that they don’t like, to prevent them from getting the resources they need.

But it’s not limited to real estate.

In other words, if you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re at risk of being excluded from a great deal of real estate in Texas.

So how do you avoid redlining?


Make sure your company is already part of a redlining blacklist.

The blacklist, known as a “redlisting” policy, requires companies to avoid investments that might negatively affect their bottom line, such as low-cost loans or small business financing.

If your company doesn’t have a redlisting policy, then your company will automatically be considered redlisted.


Be sure to check your company’s website and social media channels for links to its redlist policy.

These will usually be posted on the company’s main website.


Ask your manager or co-founder to check with your CEO, chief financial officer or general manager to make sure you are not being excluded.

They will usually ask your boss about your company.


If you have any doubts, talk to your local real estate agents or real estate professionals.

They can help you find out what redlining policies your company currently has in place.


If redlining has already been implemented in your area, there are also ways to mitigate the effect of redlining by using different investment strategies and by working with your local housing agency to set up community housing or other supportive housing units.

If redlining is a real issue in your city or region, you might want to find out more about the redlist policies that are in place in your state or region.

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