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Tampa real estate and construction is heating up again after the recent collapse of a giant crane and subsequent fire.

The latest news comes from the Florida Keys, where a massive fire destroyed the building at the top of a massive, concrete structure that houses a number of hotels, bars and condos.

The fire was reportedly started by a propane tank ignited by a flare and a smoke alarm system, and the structure was evacuated in the early hours of Thursday.

Several residents told ABC News they thought the fire was caused by a faulty gas line, but local media reports say that it was not.

A representative for the Tampa Fire Department told the Tampa Bay Times that there was no danger to anyone in the building.

The fire broke out about 3:30 p.m.

Thursday, according to Florida Keys Fire Chief Mike Rios.

Fire officials say the building was not structurally sound and it was in need of major repairs.

As of early Friday morning, there were still several buildings on fire.

The Tampa Bay Fire Department tweeted that there were two fires burning on the island, and that a third was under investigation.

According to ABC News, several structures on the islands are not structural and could not withstand the heat.

There were also reports that people in the neighborhood were getting cold, but the heat could have been a factor.

The Florida Keys were under a mandatory evacuation order due to a possible wildfire and it has been lifted.

The local fire department tweeted that all residents were safe.

Firefighters have been searching the area and checking out the damage, including a number that could be blown off.

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